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30 New Scholarships for British African Caribbean Students

The University of Glasgow's reparative justice programme will transform lives in the Black community.

The first project emerging from the collaboration between the University of Glasgow and Reach Society is the James McCune Smith Scholarships for British students of African Caribbean background who are admitted to undergraduate degree courses in 2019.

Employability Day in Leicester, 29 May
Young people, aged 10 to19, in Leicester and nearby areas, and their parents and carers, had the opportunity to gain invaluable information, advice and guidance from roughly two dozen professionals, from the local Black community, and slightly more than two dozen local employers, large and small, at the first Employability Day held on 29 May 2019, on the campus of the University of Leicester.
2019 Report of the 8th Careers Conference

On Tuesday, 9th April, Reach Society once again showcased talent in the Black community at its 8th Careers Conference. The attendance reached a new record of more than 1700 young people aged 13 to 24, and some parents. The turnout was a 50 percent increase on the year before.

Forthcoming Events

  • 27/09/2019 6.30pm - Networking Conversation (at Palestra House)
  • 19/10/2019 7.30pm - 8th Recognition Awards Dinner
  • 25/10/2019 6.30pm - Networking Conversation (at Palestra House, TfL)
  • 29/11/2019 6.30pm - Networking Conversation (at Palestra House)
The main objectives of the networking programme in the Reach Society are to generate amity between Black professional men.
Representation ImageThe representation programme: Connects Reach Society role models with young people, and in particular Black boys and young Black men, to inspire them;
Recognition AwardsThere are two sets of recognition awards - one for self development, which will be awarded to children and young adults; and the other for extra-ordinary contributions and long service to Reach Society.


Lloyds Bank Community Fund, 2012 Regional Winner
City & Islington College, 2014 Community Partner
BITC Race Equality Award, 2016 Highly Commended Award Winner

2018 Careers Conference Report

On Tuesday, 4th April, Reach Society once again showcased talent in the Black community in its 7th Careers Conference. The climax of the day was the announcement of the second full scholarship for a British young man of Caribbean background seeking entry to Brunel University London in September 2018; and the new summer internship at Grace Foods for a British young woman, of the same background, who is studying at Brunel University. 

The Grace Foods and Reach Society scholarship is in its second year, and is the continuation of Brunel University’s drive to increase the presence of British young men of Caribbean background in high value universities; and Reach Society’s objective of inspiring young people to hone their potential.
The scholarship and internship announcement was made by Adam Reader, MD, Grace Foods, and Clive Gee, Director, Brunel University London, at the Society’s event that was attended by slightly more than 1000 participants, the vast majority of whom were young people aged 14 to 24. They highlighted the need for corporates and high value universities to create meaningful opportunities for young people to develop their potential, on their way to becoming productive citizens in the country.
The event peaked with the very popular “Yes We Can” (YWC) interlude in which a diverse Panel of highly successful people shared the ways they chose to make a contribution to British Society; and then took questions from the young people. This year the YWC interlude featured messages from Professor Dame Elizabeth, Patron Sickle Cell Society; Dr Susie Mitchell, Programme Director, Glasgow City of Science and Innovation; Matthew Ryder, Deputy Mayor of Greater London; Shuan Bailey, Assembly Member, Greater London Assembly; Ms Nyree Chambers, Former Marketing Manager, Grace Foods UK; and Rasheed Ogunlaru, Author and Coach.  
Roughly ten lucky young people and adults who asked questions of this Panel of Experts were rewarded with copies of books donated by HarperCollins Publishers, Dame Elizabeth and Reach Society Publishing.
This year the Careers Conference attracted 3 more exhibitors, lifting the total number to 33; making it even larger than last year’s gathering. There were several employers and groups who had not attended before such as Ernst & Young, Durham University, Insight Education, the Metropolitan Police Service, the University of Bristol, the Royal Veterinary College, East London Business Alliance, V Jay Theatre Productions, and a number of authors of inspirational books.
We are enormously grateful for the ongoing support of Alpha BSE Training, Amos Bursary, British Interplanetary Society, EDF Energy, Enfield Caribbean Association, Excell3, Kick It Out, King’s College London, the London Black Teacher’s Network, Grace Foods UK, HarperCollins Publishers, High Speed 2, Ministry of Justice, Network Rail, Royal Navy, Southside Young Leaders Academy, Transport for London, KPMG and the Royal Air Force.
This year Dr Susie Mitchell joined the STEMM (science, technology, engineering, maths and medicine) panel of 7 professional men triggering an upsurge in activity at this stand as large groups of young people took advantage of the unlimited access to the STEMM experts. 
Two highly popular Perfect 10 Workshops - the Michelle Obama Qualities hosted by 3 professional women: Cynthia Eubanks, OBE, Claudine Reid, MBE, and Leanne Page; and the other featured four Amos Bursary young men, undergraduates at top universities - got many people talking. 
Also there were 3 widening participation workshops which were led by Durham University, King’s College London, and the University of Bristol. Dr Susie Mitchell also led the Perfect 10 Workshop on women in STEM subjects and highlighted the range of employment opportunities on offer for these graduates. 
As the 7th Careers Conference drew to a close, virtually everyone was talking about the 2019 event because they wanted to make sure that other family members and friends could have this extraordinary experience.
Dr Dwain A Neil, Reach Society, Chairman (April 2018)
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