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Insight into Bristol

Insight into Bristol is an innovative residential summer school that gives students from London access to the University of Bristol’s academic expertise and facilities.

2018 Is Our 70th Anniversary
In 2018 Reach Society celebrates the 70th year, the platinum anniversary, of the modern Black community (or MBC) in the UK, which began with the arrival of the 492 Windrush pioneers in 1948.
2017 Recognition Awards & QAVS Report
On Saturday, 21 October, more than 220 guests at Reach Society's 6th Recognition Awards celebrated the Society’s national honour, The Queen’s Award for Voluntary Service or QAVS (which is also known as the MBE for volunteer groups) which was won last June. This was a historic achievement because Reach Society became the first social enterprise, led by a team of male professionals in the Black community, to win this national honour.

Forthcoming Events

  • 26/01/2018 6.30pm - Networking Conversation - Venue: Black Cultural Archives, Brixton Square, SW2 1EF
  • 20/02/2018 10.00am - 5th Employability Day, CANDI
  • 22/02/2018 11.00am - Wolverhampton Employability Day
  • 23/02/2018 6.30pm - Networking Conversation (new venue)
The main objectives of the networking programme in the Reach Society are to generate amity between Black professional men.
Representation ImageThe representation programme: Connects Reach Society role models with young people, and in particular Black boys and young Black men, to inspire them;
Recognition AwardsThere are two sets of recognition awards - one for self development, which will be awarded to children and young adults; and the other for extra-ordinary contributions and long service to Reach Society.


Lloyds Bank Community Fund, 2012 Regional Winner
City & Islington College, 2014 Community Partner
BITC Race Equality Award, 2016 Highly Commended Award Winner
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E and B Hub: Concept Overview


Welcome to Reach Society's Employment and Business Hub (or EAB Hub). 

In order to make use of the knowledge, skills and expertise of our range of professionals feel free to contact us via: 

The EAB Hub Coordinator - Mr Karl Murray

Mobile number - 07702 348 159 or

Email address -

The Society was inspired to roll out an EAB Hub in light of the COLL Index Report (executive summary) published in June 2015. It challenged the Society to find ways of making more use of its growing body of professionals to mitigate areas of need in the community.

Since its founding in 2010, the Society has gained access to scores of professionals who own viable businesses and are pursuing successful careers. Collectively, they have robust business expertise and knowledge of how to access and maintain employment in the private, public & third sectors.

Working through the EAB Hub these capabilities shall be harnessed to help the Black community, especially in London, to do the following:
  • Build awareness of public appointments; 
  • Grow the number of entrepreneurs;
  • Increase the effectiveness of employees in the workplace; and
  • Provide information, advice and guidance to young people seeking to showcase their talents in the job market.

Employment & Business Hub

Working Team